Safety First

We don't mean to take the fun out of resin art, but it is important to be aware of the risks before getting started and know how to work with resin as safely as possible. Please carefully read the following:


Find a copy of the mouldd Resin SDS here

Find a copy of the mouldd UV Resin SDS here

Find a copy of the mouldd Resin Technical Sheet here

Fina a copy of the mouldd Resin Deep Pour Technical Sheet here


Wear gloves

To avoid getting any resin and/or hardener on your skin, it is important that you wear the gloves provided in the kit at all times. We recommend putting these on before getting the rest of the kit out. In the kit you will find nitrile gloves - these are the best type of gloves to use as they are the least likely to react with your skin and the resin. If you want to 'test' whether the resin has cured, do not touch it without gloves on until you are certain that it has fully set. 

If in the instance you do get resin on your skin, we recommend having a pack of wipes handy to immediately grab to wipe the resin off. Then simply wash your skin with soap and water thoroughly to remove any residue. 

Work in a well ventilated area 

It is important to open your windows (weather permitting of course!) or turn a fan on if you can't open your windows, to help blow any odours away. Make sure you have good ventilation throughout the entire process - from opening the resin to curing. 

Wear a plastic apron & goggles

Spillages are inevitable - even the artists at mouldd still spill a drop or two every so often! Nobody's perfect! Just a simple PVC apron will do the job so that you can wipe, or even peel off the resin once it has cured.

In the same way that we wouldn't want you to spoil your favourite top, it is important to cover your eyes in case of any splashes by wearing safety goggles. 

Use a respirator mask 

The resin supplied in a mouldd kit does not require a respirator as it is non-toxic. However, as you are working with chemicals, it is always best to be safe rather than sorry to protect you from the odours and wear a mask. 

If you want to use a respirator, we would recommend finding a NIOSH approved respirator for fumes. 

Got any questions?

Feel free to drop us an email with any of your questions, comments or concerns and we will be happy to help! Contact us here.