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Detailed Coaster Making Instructions


It is important to cover your work surface to make the cleaning process easier afterwards. Using any plastic cover or a baking sheet will work well - you can wipe it off immediately with a wet wipe, or wait for it to cure to then peel off and then reuse for your next resin creation. 

Make sure that your mouldds are clean and dry. You can use cellotape to pick off any dust as an easier alternative to washing them. 

If any bubbles are visible in your resin, a great thing to do is warm the bottle up in either some warm water or simply by placing it on a radiator for ten minutes. The resin is in the larger bottle and the hardener the smaller bottle.

2. Pour & Mix (SLOWLY) 

The resin is in the larger bottle and the hardener in the smaller bottle.

Start by taking your resin and pour the entire contents into the large cup, to avoid bubbles pour the resin slowly, then proceed to add the entire bottle of hardener. To stir the mixture use the large white stirrer. You need to stir really well, but slowly, for at least 3 minutes. Scrape the sides and the bottom to make sure you’re being thorough. Any unmixed material will leave you with sticky spots that just won’t cure properly. Once you put the resin and hardener together, you’ll have about 45 minutes of working time before the resin thickens and cures.

3. Divide

Take out the smaller silicone jugs and place them on the table. Divide the mixed resin & hardener into each jug. In the next step you will be adding the powders and foil flakes. Decide now how many colours you would like to use, even simply adding foil flakes to a clear resin & hardener looks nice. You can leave some of the mixture in the large cup and add colours/flakes to this as well.

4. Colour

Once you have divided the resin & hardener between the silicone jugs and large cup it is time to add the mica powder and foil flakes. Here you can be as adventurous as you like. Adding the powder bit by bit, allows you to decide how dark a shade you want it to be. A small amount goes a long way. You can also add foil flakes to the different colours, and you can even mix the colours together.

Simply tap the test tubes to add the mica powder to the jugs and then use the small acrylic stirrers to mix the powder in. 

To reuse your mixing tools, wipe them down with a paper towel / wet wipe before the resin dries. 

5. Create

Now it is time to pour the mixture from the jugs into your mouldds. Lay out the coasters and try to decide before pouring what designs you want to do. Feel free to go to

Remember you can add nearly any object to resin such as dried flowers or photos!

Once you have poured the mixture into the coasters you can take the wooden sticks and move the mixture around to add swirls or any other designs.

6. Wait

Leave your mouldds in a dust-free space to let it cure. In about 24 hours it will be dry to the touch (make sure to wear gloves when testing!), and within 48 hours it will be ready to unmould. It will take around 7 days to reach full hardness and heat protection.

If you can't leave your creations to cure in the same place that you created them, simply slide them onto a baking tray or any sort of movable flat surface. This will make it easier to transfer them without any spillages! When leaving them to cure we also recommend covering them with some sort of baking paper to prevent dust settling on them.

7. Unmouldd

Finally, the time has come to admire your creations properly! Simply pop them out of the mouldds and see what you have made.

8. Paint edges

The final step is to paint the edges of your coasters. To do so you can use the paint pen provided in the kit. Before using shake the pen well and then press down the tip to pump the paint into the tip. You can now begin painting.

We recommend painting at least two layers, but you might find that one is enough!