Detailed Instructions

Welcome to mouldd detailed instructions! The very wonderful Resin Jules has created a video tutorial talking through how to prep and mix your shallow pour original resin to ensure you get the perfect cure!

Either watch below or download a PDF of the detailed instructions here.

Deep Pour Instructions

If you are working with our deep pour resin, you can find the video tutorial for that below!

Otherwise click here for the deep pour PDF detailed instructions.

How to make resin coasters!

The tutorial below will take you through how to use your resin coaster kit and make four different coaster designs!

How to mix the pigment pastes and make a beautiful bowl!

In this video Resin Jules takes you through the step by step process of creating a beautiful resin bowl, using our large bowl mould.

She creates it using our essential pigment paste set and shows how to mix them in order to create pastel colours. Skip to 10:20 for the pigment paste mixing section of the video.