Mica & Glitter Sets
Mica & Glitter Sets
Mica & Glitter Sets
Mica & Glitter Sets
multi coloured glitter resin tray
Mica & Glitter Sets

Mica & Glitter Sets

Mica & Glitter Sets

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  • Our Mica Powder and Glitter Sets are the perfect pairing with our resin. Both containing 6 individual colours.
  • Perfect for beginners and a small amount of each colour goes a long way!
  • Perfect starter colour sets
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Our essential mica set contains the following colours each in a 7g pot:
- Blue
- Green
- Purple
- Gold
- Pink
- Black

Our glitter set contains the following colours each in a 7g pot:
- Dark blue
- Green
- Purple
- Silver
- Amber
- Blue

A small amount of each goes a long way and all the sets will last for dozens of makes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
What wonderful colours!

I have now bought both the mica powder set and the glitters. The colours are so beautiful, I can't get over them. They mix wonderfully with the resin and I have only needed a small amount for each of my pieces.


Love using these micas!! Such beautiful tones and you can mix them to make a different colour 😍💜✨

Tracey Jackson
UV Mouldd Resin ….WOW!

Bought a 2 bottle pack, already used one bottle for different ideas, love it, hardens quickly and goes hard perfectly.
I have 2 Top UV Resins and this is one of them

Our Most Common Questions Answered!

Our shallow pour resin has a work time of 40 - 45 minutes. It will depend on the room temperature, but optimal working temperature is 21 degrees.

Our deep pour resin has a much longer work time of 120+ minutes, meaning you have plenty of time to perfect your creation before it begins to cure!

Mouldd resin takes 24 hours to cure. However, most of our artists find that it can be much quicker depending on the room temperature and size of the art. It will be hard to touch within 7 hours.

Our deep pour resin takes 72 hours to cure.

Our UV resin is slightly different and requires a UV light to cure. Once under a UV light it will cure within 2 minutes.

When developing mouldd resin our key focus was on clarity. We have extensively tested mouldd resin over time periods of 12+ months and seen no yellowing. 

Anti-yellowing is one of mouldd resin's key qualities.

Yes, mouldd resin is safe to be used for art which is in contact with food. As long as you follow all the steps correctly when working with our resin.

Mouldd resin was tested by the FDA to ensure its safety with food.

Delivery is free on all resin orders. 

Orders under £100 are sent via Royal Mail 48 Hour. 

Orders over £100 are sent via free DPD next day. With a cut off of 2pm for next working day delivery.

Both our deep pour and shallow pour resins are heat resistant up to 90°C, meaning it is perfect for any heat facing objects such as coasters, trays and tables.

It takes 7 days from pouring for full heat resistance.

If you are coating a surface, 1L of resin will cover 1m² with a depth of 1mm.

Therefore our 10L kit will cover 10m².

1L of resin will create around 10 coasters using our coaster kit add on moulds. Each coaster mould holds roughly 90ml of resin.

Here is the SDS for our resin:SDS

Technical information for our shallow pour resin:Technical Info

Technical information for our deep pour resin:Technical Info Deep Pour