How to price my resin art?

How to figure out what to sell a piece of resin art for, is one of the most common questions we see asked by artists! At the end of the day a piece of art is worth what a buyer is willing to pay.

We have created the below calculator to help artists price their work. Allowing you to figure out what a fair price to sell your art for is and what your profit margins would be. We recommend taking the calculator price as a guideline, but then looking on etsy and other marketplaces to see what similar pieces to your own sell for.


Resin kit used. The first option allows you to choose which kit you have used to create your piece. This selection will determine the price per ml used in the calculator. If you have used a 1L kit the price will be higher per ml than if you have used our 10L kit, as you get more savings the larger the kit you buy.

Amount of resin used. This is the amount of resin you have used to create the piece. If you don't know the exact ml of resin, you can also weigh the cured piece. Then minus 10% off the weight, for example if it weighs 100g cured, use 90ml in the calculator. Remember, if you have added lots of accessories, the weight will be more because of this.

Price of additional accessories used. This is the total cost of mica powders, glitters or anything that you have embedded into the piece to make it. 

Hourly Rate. This is the price you value your hourly work at. It is the amount you will earn from making the art and is factored into the sale price. For a more skilled creation, you should look to pay yourself more per hour.

Profit Margin. 
The profit margin here is simply the dfference between the cost of the materials and the price you sell it for.

Price per ml. 
The price per ml used in this calculation is for purchasing a 10L kit. If you are using a smaller sized kit, your cost of materials will be slightly higher.